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Create unique websites using Webflow and Figma.


Get free access to the ready-to-use components of
The SPRKL UI kit in Figma and Webflow.

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The SPRKL is perfect for quickly creating unique, high-quality websites.

With The SPRKL's broad component base, you can create an attractive website by yourself. Combine and style interface elements to suit your requirements.

Reusable Сomponents

Rive Support



Over 400

Global styleguide

Responsive and
mobile ready

How it works

Create websites faster.

Enter your email address associated with Webflow.

Receive an email containing a link with which to access the UI kit in Figma.

Get the free version of The SPRKL for Webflow.

Within three working days, we will transfer the Webflow project to the email address you gave us.

Use UI kit elements to create websites.

Create layouts in Figma and transfer them easily to Webflow.


A website in less than a day.
You can do it!

The SPRKL features a large selection of ready-made elements. Use them to create websites quickly and enjoyably. The time you save can be spent on other productive work.

Why fritter time away? Use, edit, and style our ready-made components.
We have done almost everything for you. We have prepared an extensive set of templates. Choose the most suitable, edit easily, and get exceptional results.
Design system

Styling your website;
it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

You can change the colors of the elements to match your branding, and stay compliant with WCAG.
Use any font in your design; even a font of your own.
Balanced padding creates a harmonious design. Use the predefined settings or specify your own.
Improve quality, increase development speed, and make the maintenance of existing sites more efficient, all thanks to the "design language" of The SPRKL UI kit.
Design system

Frequently Asked Questions

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