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Frequently asked questions

What is TheSprkl?
TheSprkl is an advanced design framework combining several platforms and technologies under a single concept, namely Figma, Webflow, Flutter and React. The main idea behind TheSprkl is to enable designers and programmers to easily collaborate and create outstanding digital products, no matter what technology stack is used for development.
What products do you offer?
We are tirelessly working on one main product - a design framework based on the Figma design system. In TheSprkl, it is embodied in three technologies - Webflow, Flutter and React. Our plans include both constant updating of the framework itself, and creating various components, templates and elements for the community based on it.
Do I need to know how to use Webflow, Flutter and React?
The short answer is yes, as well as Figma. Also, if you have purchased a license for the Company, then you can easily work with a designer or programmer who has the necessary technical knowledge.
Is there a Figma file for Sprkl?
Each version of the framework has its own version of Figma. At the same time, the basis itself, the atoms and molecules of Ui Kit, are identical and support the general ideology of TheSprkl. The product versions reflect the individual characteristics of each platform.
How will I get updates?
For your convenience, we plan to create a personal account in the near future - not only to get updates, and easy and quick access to the framework, but also to access the library of components and templates, which will be available to all licensors. Now, we will send all notifications to your registered email, so be sure to check your spam settings and add our email ( to the whitelist.
Do I have to pay for the updates?
As long as your subscription is active, you will receive all updates automatically, as they become available. Updates are included in the price of each license. If your subscription has expired and you canceled it or did not renew it, you will no longer receive updates. Your account access (once we launch it) will be terminated.
Do clients have to pay for TheSprkl?
No. Your license allows you to transfer a product created by using TheSprkl to an end customer. Please note that you are required to remove the UI Kit itself from the final product. Your client does not receive the right to create other products.

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