Frequently asked questions

General questions

What is TheSprkl?
TheSprkl is an advanced design framework combining several platforms and technologies under a single concept, namely Figma, Webflow, Flutter and React. The main idea behind TheSprkl is to enable designers and programmers to easily collaborate and create outstanding digital products, no matter what technology stack is used for development.
What products do you offer?
We are tirelessly working on one main product - a design framework based on the Figma design system. In TheSprkl, it is embodied in three technologies - Webflow, Flutter and React. Our plans include both constant updating of the framework itself, and creating various components, templates and elements for the community based on it.
Is there a free version available?
How do you handle orders?
Depending on what product you purchased orders delivered in different ways.

- Figma version distributed over email with attached archive with the latest and most actual version of Figma sources.

- Webflow version distributed either by transfering an actual Webflow project right to your account (will be terminated soon), or through the Webflow Extention (will be enabled soon).

- Flutter or React - we will send a ZIParchive containing the latest version of the respective product.
Can I get support?
How do I onboard my Teammates
If you have purchased a license for the Company, send us a list of your teammates and we will send access.
Do clients have to pay for TheSprkl?
No. Your license allows you to transfer a product created by using TheSprkl to an end customer. Please note that you are required to remove the UI Kit itself from the final product. Your client does not receive the right to create other products.
Do I need to know how to use Webflow, Flutter and React?
The short answer is yes, as well as Figma.
How will I get updates?
For your convenience, we plan to create a personal account in the near future - not only to get updates, and easy and quick access to the framework, but also to access the library of components and templates, which will be available to all licensors. Now, we will send all notifications to your registered email, so be sure to check your spam settings and add our email (support@thsprkl.io) to the whitelist.
What can I expect from the new updates? / How often are updates published?
New updates will aim to improve the design framework for various platforms. To do this, we will collect and analyze your feedback. In addition, we plan to create advanced components and templates for various versions of the product (Webflow, Flutter, React) that will further expand the capabilities of the framework. Since we are simultaneously working on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the product, updates will be released as they are developed and tested.
Is there a Figma file for Sprkl?
Each version of the framework has its own version of Figma. At the same time, the basis itself, the atoms and molecules of Ui Kit, are identical and support the general ideology of TheSprkl. The product versions reflect the individual characteristics of each platform.
What if I lose or mess up my version of Sprkl?
Do I have to pay for the updates?
As long as your subscription is active, you will receive all updates automatically, as they become available. Updates are included in the price of each license. If your subscription has expired and you canceled it or did not renew it, you will no longer receive updates. Your account access (once we launch it) will be terminated.


Can I use Sprkl for multiple projects?
Yes. You can create an unlimited number of both commercial and free projects. Please note that you may not create site or application templates for later sale to an indefinite number of persons, for example, for distribution on marketplaces. It is only for your personal use or for a client end product.
What's the difference between licenses?
We provide two types of licenses, individual and company. The main difference is in the number of users who have access to the framework. If you have purchased an individual license, you cannot transfer the product to anyone else or work with someone at the same time or in turns. We also offer two types of subscription for each license, with payment for access for half a year and for a full year.
Can I use it to create templates that will later be sold in marketplaces?
No. You can create an unlimited number of both commercial and free projects, but these should be your personal projects (your company) or projects created by you for the end client.
Can I use it for commercial projects?
Certainly. Initially, we created our product to make life easier for teams and to enable them to implement both personal and commercial projects much more quickly and easily.
Do I need to purchase different licenses for different products?
By creating TheSprkl, we wanted to achieve uniformity of approaches and impeccable UI/UX for various platforms (Webflow, Flutter, React), with which we ourselves have worked a lot and continue to work as an agency. We understand that there may be times when you may need all the licenses at once. However, we believe that such situations are quite rare. Most likely, Flutter developers do not need licenses for Webflow, and React - Flutter. Therefore, we decided to create an individual license for each version of the product. If you need a bundle of various products and licenses, write to us and we will definitely help you.
Can I modify or manipulate TheSprkl?
Yes, but we recommend that you make a copy of the original version so that you can easily roll back or use the original version for a new project. If you lose or damage the original, just write to us, and we will help.
Can I copy and paste TheSprkl and share it?
If you purchased a license for the Company, you may share it with any colleagues whose email you provided to us when purchasing. You may not distribute TheSprkl in any way that grants access to the framework to others.
Can I make a copy of TheSprkl?
You can make copies for your own convenience when working with TheSprkl - for example, to keep the original version.
Can I use TheSprkl to create websites/apps for my clients?
Yes. You can create an unlimited number of both commercial and free projects. Please note that you cannot create websites or application templates for subsequent sale to an indefinite number of individuals (for example, for distribution on marketplaces), only for your personal or client products.


Do you offer refunds?
In most cases, we do not offer refunds for digital goods. If our product has not met your expectations for some reason, please contact our friendly team to discuss a solution. You can also check out our free version to see how useful TheSprkl is.
Is payment secure?
We use Stripe to handle all our payments. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe uses the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.
Can I get an invoice?
Yes. You can log into Stripe's billing portal and find all your payments together with all support documents. However, if you need individual invoice options applied, contact us, and we'll be there to help.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Depending on the choice you made when paying, our subscriptions last six months or a year. You may unsubscribe after this period. Before the end of the subscription, you will receive a notification that it has ended.
What payment methods do you accept?
Stripe supports a large number of payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard. Some additional payment methods may be available, depending on your location. If you need individual conditions or an international bank payment, write to us and we will be happy to help.
How do discount codes work?
If you have a discount code available for our products, you can add it in the checkout process. When you use a discount code you will receive a discount on the product or products you purchase.


How do I use TheSprkl for Webflow?
The most rational use case for TheSprkl for Webflow would be as follows:

1. Create a project structure in Figma using UI Kit elements and components.
2. Style the basic elements according to your design idea - fonts, palettes, padding sizes, etc.
3. Style the structure created in step 1 according to your design idea.
4. Duplicate the original project containing TheSprkl.
5. Style the basic elements (you will find them in the built-in documentation in the Webflow project itself) according to point 2.
6. Create a project structure according to your structure in Figma.
7. Apply your custom design changes to this created structure.
8. Remove documentation and components from the finished project.
9. Done!
What are TheSprkl components?