EnerZest - Fitness Website Template

EnerZest: A vibrant Webflow template for fitness and food trainers to showcase plans and tips with a modern, dark, and vivid design. It's responsive and animated.


EnerZest: Where Energy Meets Taste on Your Fitness Journey

For fitness and food trainers looking to carve out a robust online niche, EnerZest is the Webflow template that blends functionality with flair. This isn't just a landing page; it's a statement of vitality, a beacon for those dedicated to a lifestyle of wellness and taste.

  • Dark and Vivid Lime Color Scheme
    A bold, energizing theme that instantly grabs attention and symbolizes vitality.
  • Fitness Plans Showcase
    Detailed sections outlining various fitness plans, each structured to engage and motivate visitors.
  • Healthy Tips
    Share valuable insights on nutrition and workouts, positioning you as a thought leader in the fitness domain.
  • Custom Error Page
    Keep potential clients engaged even when they encounter a dead end with a 404 page that's anything but a workout.
  • Exclusive Content Access
    Password-protected pages for special content, retaining a sense of exclusivity and value.
  • Reusable Components
    Tailor your site with ease using the many reusable components designed for flexibility and brand cohesion.
  • Extended UI Kit
    Dive deep into customization with a UI kit that offers a wide range of design elements, perfect for any fitness brand.
  • Seamless Animations
    Smooth and subtle animations to enhance user engagement without overpowering the content.
  • Responsive Design
    Ensure your clients can reach you from any device with a design that's as flexible as you are.
  • Youtube tutorial
    Watch our explainer video series to speed up customization of the template and get most of TheSprkl UI Kit.
  • Get Figma source for free
    Contact us to claim the source design of the template
  • Get TheSprkl Webflow Chrome Extension
    Contact us to get a special price for TheSprkl Webflow Chrome Extension and easily grow your website further.

EnerZest is the template that understands the pulse of your business, crafted to keep up with the dynamic pace of the fitness world. It's a platform that invites, inspires, and converts with every click.


  • TheSprkl UI Kit
  • Responsive
  • Animations
  • Custom 404 and Protected Pages
  • Figma source available



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